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We are here so that people can activate their life in Christ.

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David Needham Says the Quest for Meaning is Primal It would appear that through much of history only the rare person ever stopped and asked why we exist? Probably for most, the job of survival was so demanding there simply wasn't time to ask questions. For others, unquestioned commitment to family or king or religious system appeared to ...Read More

  Words have power. We have the power to kill and the power to bring life just by what we speak.  It is funny how the things we say to ourselves in our mind (I know I am not the only one that speaks to herself) have influence over us. When I first heard that February was a relationship series I couldn’t help but think, I ...Read More

Today, church was a little different for me. My son is no longer at the peaceful falls asleep during worship and stays asleep until Pastor Aram says amen and we all leave. He was fighting sleep, he was nonstop changing positions in my arms and all I could do was soak it up while giving an open ear to the word that was given. My fruit of p...Read More