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Today, church was a little different for me. My son is no longer at the peaceful falls asleep during worship and stays asleep until Pastor Aram says amen and we all leave. He was fighting sleep, he was nonstop changing positions in my arms and all I could do was soak it up while giving an open ear to the word that was given. My fruit of patience was almost dead but then I spoke life into my mind and had a completely different outlook, my son felt this peace and went to sleep.

“Pray like it depends on God. Work like it depends on you.”-Pastor Aram

We are in a great lesson on Prayer this month. Last week we were provided four components to effective prayer: faith, connection, proper motivation, and His will. Today we were given the three ways God answers prayers: yes, no and the wait. I think we can all agree upon the fact that the waiting is by far the hardest to swallow.

As a parent, I can say that I know what is best for my children. As children of God we should all know that He knows what is best for us. Like children, we pout, we get upset, we get angry, and we walk away from God when we don’t get what we want, when we want it. The best part of this, is that He will never leave us nor stop listening to our hearts cries and desires. He won’t let us walk away from our purpose but use all things we decide to do with our life for His greater good.

Only be strong and very courageous, being careful to do according to all the law that Moses my servant commanded you. Do not turn from it to the right hand or to the left, that you may have good success wherever you go.
-Joshua 1:7 (ESV)

Success and anything we want is at the tip of our tongue and in the power of His word. When we know God’s word, we can cling to His promises during our prayer. We can claim the yes, understand the no, and trust during the wait. I don’t know about you, but I know my God is great!

During my waiting for my son I knew God would provide. I knew that it was not my time, it was not our time, it was not my will, but it was His. During my waiting, He prepared me to be the best mom I could be, with the best time I had to give. He grew our family in the Lord, He placed our family in a church home, He turned my husband into a Father loving father, He expanded my network of brothers and sisters in Christ, He grew our faith, and we never even realized these things were happening until we took a minute to stop and give Him thanks for all we didn’t know. It did not mean that my flesh did not fail me. I had days where I was so envious of pregnant women or women with small children. There were days that all I did was cry or ask and plead with God of why. We are only human. We must not allow our emotions to control us but allow our trust in God to pull us through those times.

In James 4:2 it says, “…You do not have, because you do not ask.” We lack a lot of things in our life because we rarely ask God first or take it to Him before proceeding. We act like we have it all together but looks are deceiving. I challenge you this week to ask boldly in prayer for a specific yes you need. If you receive a no, you will know that was your will and not His, but trust His plans are bigger and better. If you receive yes, praise His name. If you must wait, wait in confidence that He will deliver. Pray without ceasing. Love without effort. Laugh with joy. Breathe in patience. Trust in faith. Worship with honor. Give thanks with open arms. Our Father knows what is best. Let Him take care of the stress and enjoy life with abundant rest.